iPhone 6s Announced!


Great news Apple lovers! Apple has officially introduced the iPhone 6s!

Usually, I don’t get too excited with Apple releases especially when they have this reputation of enhancing only bits of features in the new ones but everything is relatively the same. But golly gee! They might have out done themselves this time. 😀

What can you expect?

Exterior design looks pretty much the same with its predecessor BUT it comes with a new color which is ROSE GOLD. How adorable is that?

You also have the 2 sizes to choose from: iPhone 6s – 4.7 inches and iPhone 6s+ – 5.5 inches

It has an aerospace-grade aluminum aloy which is supposed to make it sturdy to avoid the whole bending problem its predecessor has.

And now, the UPGRADES! 😀

Next generation multi-touch screen — basically senses the pressure of your touch. They added a new feature which is the Peek and Pop. You can peek at emails, photos, locations, etc. when you lightly press the screen, then deepen your touch when you wanna pop it open 🙂 They also installed a taptic engine which is triggered when you deeply press the display. I know.. That’s it? I was hoping for it to trigger when I type on my phone. I always loved that about Samsung phones.

Cameras — iSight (back camera) can take 12MP photos while the FaceTime HD Camera (front) takes 5MP photos. A HUGE improvement if you ask me. They’ve been buzzing about the “emergency selfie” but I think they just worded it wrong? Cause it sounds silly. It’s quite handy especially if you frequent events with friends.

Techy techy — The new iPhone 6s is powered by a custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip! It can already replace your desktops!

Improved security — you can now create 6-digit pass codes and has a two-factor authentication process!

Here’s the funny part. Apple is encouraging Android users to make the switch to iOS with the Android Migration. All they have to do is download the “Move to iOS” app and it will transfer your files from your Android phone to your iOS phone! Smart! 🙂

Then there is the iOS 9! There are a lot of improvements here, especially for the iPads. It’ll be released on Sept. 16, 2015. So wait for it 🙂

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with what Apple has done. Of course the list I have is not the FULL list of upgrades. Just the ones that caught my attention. 🙂 There are more upgrades in both the phone itself and the soon to be released iOS 9! I think I will consider upgrading to this and getting the Rose Gold ❤ It really looks gorgeous or I’m just biased since I’m a long time Apple user.

Well, hope you like the quick overview of the new iPhone 6s!

If you want more information, you can click here.



Alphabear App

FINALLY! I’ve found a gaming app that interests me again. 🙂
I’m really in love with word games and Alphabear gives me a mix of word play and cuteness!

Here’s how it works, you basically just form words out of letters the app provides, the longer the word,  the higher the score you get! Simple right?

cattiedemand4_alphabear        cattiedemand3_alphabear


Here’s the thing though, you’re given different bears after every challenge (w/c you can repeat depending if you have any honey left). These bears provide special help like adding 100 points to every 4 letter word you create (I believe this is the foreman bear). They also have levels which increases the stats of each bear. They level up when you repeatedly get the same bear. 🙂


So before every game, you get to pick 3 bears to help you increase your score. BUT you have to make sure that they are awake to help you out. Each bear has a buffer time ranging from 3-12 hours. You can wake them up but you’ll have to pay coins which for me would be better saved for any treasure events or boss events.



cattiedemand1_alphabear        cattiedemand2_alphabear


What else.. Oh! You have of course the settings and collection of bears! ❤
For your settings, you have the usual game center (for apple users) awards, leaderboard, sounds, notifications, FAQs, news, newsletter and credits. I think everything is self explanatory. 🙂


And of course, your bear collection! Basically, it just shows you the collection of bears that you already have and don’t have. As you can see, I’ve almost completed the bears for chapter 2. 🙂


cattiedemand8_alphabear        cattiedemand7_alphabear


I think that the only negative thing here about the game is that you have your honey to consider. Your honey is like your lifeline. You can’t play without reaching the a certain amount of honey per game. It’s usually 70 honey (untimed) and 50 honey (timed).


When you run out of honey, you have 3 options:
1. Watch an ad for 50 honey (limited per day)
2. Buy unlimited honey for US $4.99
3. Pay 100 coins for 120 honey




It’s up to you I guess, if you think that you have the time to be playing all-day or all-night then maybe the best option for you is to just purchase the unlimited honey. 🙂


Well, there you have it!
If you wanna try it out yourself, it’s available on iOS and Android. 🙂



Take instant photos with Polaroid SNAP!


*THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST — I’m just uber excited for this product!*

Holla photogenic beauties! Amazing news from Polaroid! They came up with a new camera that brings back the nostalgia of printing out.. well.. polaroids! Haha! It’s not like the usual instax camera as it has ZINK printing technology that allows the camera to produce the image without the use of ink. It uses the patented ZINK paper, which is an advanced composite material embedded with cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals and with protective polymer overcoat. The printer uses heat to activate the colors that results to having a full-color, high quality, long-lasting and smudge-proof image without any ink!

The camera prints out 2×3 inch photos in just under a minute — just like a regular instax camera would do. What excites me more about this beautiful camera is that the photos printed out have adhesive at the back of the photo! So you have the option to stick the photo wherever you want!

They come in 4 different colors — black, white, blue and red and has the capacity to hold microSD cards up to 32gb cause it is STILL a digital camera.

I love how they kept the product small and simple. Personally, I carry the smallest bags when travelling or even simply going to the mall so I never opted to get one of those bulky instax cameras (Not bashing on them, it’s all about preference. They just won’t fit in my bag.) I plan to get this camera to capture those small cherished moments I have with my friends and family to fill a whole wall in my room! Or maybe a big ass scrap book cause I feel like if I stick them on my wall, it’ll never come off, not like if I just use tape.

So I just see lots of possibilities with this one. I can’t wait for it to hit stores here in the Philippines! And hey! Maybe I could post a review on the quality of pictures as it advertises having 10MP and would last long! 😀

For more information about this camera, you can visit their page here.

*Photos are not my own*




“Age of the Geeks, Baby!”

Yes, that line was quoted from the Hardison (the Hacker), one of my favorite characters in the series Leverage ❤ He became more interesting since he and Parker (the thief) was partnered up! I absolutely love their chemistry! Unfortunately, it already ended but I’m pretty satisfied with the ending. They ended their series in such a cool way 😀

Anyway, enough with the fan talk about the series. Let’s get down and serious about what I wanna talk about, COMPUTERS. Everybody these days has one and has it has its own purpose for everybody. Let’s face it, we’ve become lazy. Computers does the dirty work for us! So, I’m about to finish this class on Computer Information Processing. By the name itself, you easily can tell, it’s all about computers and their components, functions, etc.

It’s actually interesting since we tackled the history of computers and how each type of computer can support different types of functions. Oh! Plus the different types of users, like home users, small-large business users, Power users, etc.

The difficult part was learning the System Unit and its components. I’m not really a fan of memorization. So it was difficult for me to learn the terms and functions without seeing the actual unit. Sure, it can be described, but its really different when you see the actual thing. Like reading a book, you can only imagine the look, places, facial expressions but when you see the movie, you’ll think “Oh, that’s what it looks like!” — Haha!

The funmy part was learning what input and output devices are! These are the types of things that are right there in your face but you don’t know what it’s called. 🙂 Like I use a mouse almost everyday of my life and I know it’s function and uses in a computer but I would never have thought that it was categorized as an input device and the output would be the monitor. (This is speaking from a non-IT type of set up) This is why I love exploring and learning new things! Some information would make you go “Oooh!” 😀

We also tackled the different types of operating systems. This one was actually easy since I’ve used them and know their advantages over one another and disadvantages. Like when you compare Windows and Mac. 2 completely different operating systems but of course, I’m a bit biased since I’m a Mac user. My laptop, tablet and phone are all Apple products. Hehe 🙂 But I’ve used Windows as well when I couldn’t afford to buy my own stuff, my parents would always buy the more “practical” product. In terms of mobile phones, I’ve explored numerous types of OS in mobiles phones like Nokia, Android, Sony, (each having their own OS) then I was able to buy my own so I got my iPhone (then it got lost and it broke my heart and pockets since I got another one).

Anyway, I think that the I.T. industry will have a never ending history. The latest technology now maybe phased out by next year or the year after that since we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our way of living through technology (although some Countries are more advanced than ours already – I’m talking about you Japan and Korea!) 😀 But I’m sure that the Philippines will be able to catch up one way or another. I can’t wait to have flying cars (No traffic! Woohoo!) and robots that’ll follow my every command. I just hope that I’d still be alive by that time! 🙂

Til’ next time! It’s been a pleasure. 🙂


App of the Day – App Review

I found this awesome App! Just had to share it for you people who are opportunists! 😀 You know how apps are always better when it’s purchased? Well, there’s an app that can give you a 1 day FREE app offer for purchased apps!

it’s called “App of the Day


So it’s pretty simple, you have to enable the notification for you to maximize the uses of this app.

Everyday, they offer an app for FREE for 24 hours. The next day would have a different offer.


It has a simple layout where you can see everything you need to know. You have the app of the day, previous apps, and your savings! The only thing is you can’t choose the apps but they welcome suggestions. 🙂 Oh! Plus, if you miss the offer, it’s gone for good.

I’d give this app a 4/5 ❤

you can download here ❤