How I kicked my smoking habit — Part 1

YAAAAAS! This is for real! I’ve been a smoker for some years now. If I had to count, I think it’s been 8 years already. The problem with me is that I easily get influenced to start again after a day or 2 of not smoking. Just start smoking in front of me and I’m hooked again.

I quit smoking, not because I was scared from all those “If you smoke, this will happen to you.” type of news/articles. But I did quit smoking because I had a rare opportunity to. It’s so silly if you think about it, but it did work for a hard headed person like me. I had 2 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed!


Now, you may ask, SO WHAT?? Well my friends, it’s simple. I had 2 open wounds in my mouth and if I smoked, both wounds might get infected! After the pain I suffered, I didn’t want to make things worse. Plus, the doctor’s instructions were 3-4 days of bed rest, ice pack for the swelling, meds for the pain, no sucking on a straw, no smoking, etc. And I was so paranoid, that I followed every instruction to the word.

Anyway, I’m out of topic. So that week, I got sick, felt weak, and got pissed out of my mind! This was probably due to the fact that I was stuck at home, bored and in pain (my right wisdom tooth had an infection and they had a difficult time removing it, so the pain lasted longer than it’s supposed to).

But despite everything, I was proud to say that for a week, I was able to NOT smoke! It made me think that there was a side of me that could kick the smoking habit, y’know? But alas, my 2nd week wasn’t so good cause I was feeling better and I attended a party. I started smoking again. I have to admit, it felt good! But there were consequences of course from starting again.

Stay tuned guys for part 2. This is where I actually commit to kicking the habit.



My New Year’s Resolutions


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Happy New Year EVERYONE! ❤

So right now, I want to share with you guys my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve been writing down new year’s resolutions since I can high school and I can’t seem to stick to them. So now, for the whole online community to witness and see, I shall write down my goals for 2016!

  1. Be more healthy!

For those of you who know me personally, you’d know that I loooooooove junk food! My boyfriend and I would opt to order pizza or mcdo than to just eat at home or eat somewhere healthy. So my TOP new years resolution is to be healthy. Doesn’t hurt to visit the damn gym once in a while but that’s a habit that I’ll have to form.

  1. Keep a blogging schedule!

YEEEEEEEEEEES! That’s the plan! More blogs to come this coming 2016 and I’m gonna keep at it and get my creative juices flowing ❤ I’ve already made the schedule but I’m gonna have to make some adjustments to it since I realized that blogging everyday would be pushing it too far. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week would do.

  1. Travel more!

Need I say more? That’s it! I just wanna travel. Locally, Internationally – I don’t really care! As long as it’s some place new!

  1. Keep my room clean!

Yes, my room is a junkyard! I’m such a hoarder! I have so much shit in my room that I would have a 4 day old pizza just there on the table. I also have a bunch of stuff that aren’t even mine – something for the bodega but I’m just too lazy to bring them down. This year, I’ll be organizing my stuff and throwing away any crap I’ve accumulated over the years.

  1. Recycle my crap more!

Did you know that I have a bitch load of yarn just lying around in my room? So hello DIY or something! I gotta think of something to do. I also have lots of artsy fartsy stuff so maybe I can make something Tumblr inspired.

So that’s about it. Usually, I’d have a long list of resolutions but I want to keep mine simple and realistic. A list that I can and want to do for 2016. I hope you guys make your own lists as well! I feel like 2016 will be another amazing year filled with opportunities, excitement and adventure!



Impacted Wisdom Tooth

What a sad week it has been for me.

My wisdom tooth on my lower right is empacted! I’ve been feeling so much pain and can’t even eat right anymore. The pain comes and goes during the day but I dread those nights where it just won’t let me sleep! There was one night I literally kept waking up to the pain of it just coming out and moving the teeth next to it. I tried my go-to pain killer which is Mefenamic (500mg), the effect was so slow and didn’t really work for the pain. It lessened, yes but it was still there. 😦 So I switched to something stronger and new (cause I may be immune to the effects of Mefenamic since I drink it when I have my lady pains every month) which is Tylenol. Thank God for this magical pain killer. It literally removed the pain in around 6-10 minutes in!

My dentist says that I need to have it removed but I think that I’ll get a second opinion since having it removed spells SURGERY which I’m trying to avoid cause let’s face it, it’s not cheap. Even by Philippine standards, a trip to the doctor can burn a huge whole in your pocket. Unless you’re a millionaire or something.

What I’m thinking is, I can just suck it up and let my teeth move since I have an empty slot on my left side, they can just fill it out. BUT AGAIN, I’m not an Orthodontist, I just feel like it can be an option for me since the whole point of removing impacted wisdom teeth would be so your teeth won’t be crooked, right? I don’t know. I’ll take anything other than surgery.

Oh well! We’ll just see what the next Orthodontist will say. LOL! Just sharing my awful wisdom tooth experience.

Oh! Just a special thanks to my understanding and caring boyfriend cause we just stayed in and he had to take in my complaints and massage my cheeks during our monthsary!

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Proud to be a Zalora Brand Ambassador

Ladies and gents! I’m proud to say that I am a Zalora Brand Ambassador!

I’ve been a non-stop Zalora customer for over a year now buying hair products, skin care products and of course — CLOTHES! Not only for me but for my boyfriend as well. HAHA! They’re delivery time is impeccable — 1-2 business days! And I love how they concern themselves on your satisfaction with the items you get cause you can return the item if you’re not satisfied with it. Although, I’ve never done it before, I just love that I have the option. 🙂

Anyhoo, I have great news for you as well! I have a coupon code for you to use and cut 15% off your bill!!


All you have to do is enter this code — ZBAPQW2R and slash 15% off!

There are terms and conditions though:

  1. Applicable to new customers ONLY!
  2. One time use per customer
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  4. Valid on discounted items ONLY!

There you have it! Spread the word 😉


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Rules of Lending Money

Okay, I had to learn the hard way about lending money to “friends of friends”. Recently, I lent money to a friend of a friend. Later on we discovered that this person was somewhat a CONMAN! Can you believe it? He takes advantage of emotions, throwing pity parties for himself. The thing is, I had no idea my friend and I were being played.

So I learned the hard way the rules of lending money.

It’s never insulting to a friend or family member if you draw up an official agreement to assure that you will get paid. If they get insulted, it’s their problem not yours. Make sure that every page is signed and each party has a copy of the agreement. To make it more fool proof, have witnesses sign it as well, but I doubt that’s necessary. Plus, that also shows that they may have no intent in paying you back. .

You may ask me.. What’s a collateral in “loan” terms? Basically, a collateral is a keepsake worth the money borrowed. So you keep it until you’re paid back or until the agreed date that you’re supposed to be paid back. This is so important since it also gives assurance that you will be paid back. If they don’t pay you back, then you have the right to sell or own the collateral given to you.

Sadly, one of my BIGGEST mistakes. I was so drawn into the sad stories that with no questions asked, I just loaned quite a sum of money. Now that everything is out in the open, I doubt his sad little story was even true. It’s never offensive to be curious about the situation. Don’t get duped just cause a person shows you tears. There are great actors in this world.

“I’m being sued and asked to pay _____php as a settlement” YEAH RIGHT! Always ask for proof! You can never be too careful especially when lending a huge sum of money to someone be it a friend or a family member.


Okay, it may sound too harsh but to put it lightly, as much as possible.. if it can be avoided don’t lend to anyone. This is just to avoid ruining any kind of relationship.

Well, that’s about it. No wonder loan sharks are scary.. They have to be or else they wouldn’t get paid. Hahaha! Oh well! Just sharing the things I learned from this experience. This is probably the last time I’ll be lending out cash. It’s not being selfish, it’s being protective of the cash I work hard for every single day.

Next time someone wants to borrow from me, I’ll be like “GET A JOOOOB!” LOL kidding. Probably. 🙂