#StoryTime : The Fan

He’s the reason for everything. He was the reason why everyone was in despair. How can he do this to everyone? Why did he leave? He was selfish, he was alone. Or so they thought..

It all started with a group in Korea where multiple personalities have joined forces to entertain. They were 7 back then. The leader of the group was amazingly talented, what he lacked in height, he surely compensated with talent. He was great at dancing, singing and rapping! Can you believe such a person exists in this world? Well the others had their own talents as well, 2 of them were great at rapping, 1 had a God given voice, 2 of them were amazing dancers and the last one had a face of an angel. Although, each and every one of them were good looking, angel face had eye catching, jaw dropping looks.

They formed a bond that had thought to be unbreakable. Little did they know, the leader had been planning on leaving the group for a while now. The day came and he finally left. Everyone was disappointed, erratic and angry at him for leaving. Thankfully, the group stayed together and kept moving forward.

The leader went under the radar for a few years in the States where he grew up. After that he came back to Korea and rebuilt his music career from the ground up! There were a lot of controversies surrounding him and everyone who supported his previous group was mad at him for up and leaving the group. I was one of them. I hated him for bringing such pain and troubles to the group.

He release an album and my friends here in the Philippines were loving it. I liked the music, yes, it was awesome but of course my loyalty still stayed with the group he left behind. My friends caught wind of his tour here in the Philippines and I decided to humor them by coming to one of his mini concerts and meet and greet. I thought, well it wouldn’t hurt since I actually like his music.

The day came and we were all prepped up to go to the venue. We waited for hours since we wanted to secure a VIP pass. Fortunately, we were able to get the passes before they ran out. Night came so quickly and we were in line to get to our designated area and seats. It was great to meet other people with the same interests as we did. We did a lot of small talk until we reached our seats. Luckily, the people we met were right beside us so the wait wasn’t boring.

He finally went on stage and started performing. I was amazed at how professional he was, not a single note missed, not a step off beat. He simple took over the stage with so much confidence and power. Song after song, step after step, I followed it all with a smile on my face, nodding to the beat and my eyes never left him. I was mistaken, he should be a solo artist, he didn’t need a group or support. He made his name famous again but not for his affiliations with the group and not for the controversies, but simply for his music. All my anger towards him til that moment felt petty and childish.

“Only one I choose is you like eenie, meenie, minie, mo! Haha yeah let’s go” – as he sang these lyrics, he pointed at me in a sea of screaming fans. I breathed in but forgot to breathe out. Then my friend shouldered me and said

“Omg! So lucky! He pointed right at you!”

I let out a chuckle and that was when I knew. I became a fan.



#StoryTime : The Bipolar

She was beautiful, not a single mark on her face. Complexion that’s envied by her friends and family. She never wore make-up and never really needed it. Her hair was always tied up or done with a messy bun. She grew up as an only child and loved it!

Her friends were in awe as she went through school without any problems. Writing – no problem, presenting – easy peasy, her English was perfect and her grades were the best. As she graduated, she moved on to different companies, doing her best to please her boss and exceed expectations. She was loved and appreciated wherever she went. Friends were not a problem. She had 3 of the best people caring for her.

But there was another side of her where only a few people get to see. She thought about death at times and plotted every single step, she stayed in bed all day cause she couldn’t get up, she transferred jobs from one career path to another, she was scary if she concluded that she didn’t like you and don’t get me started on ‘that’ time of the month. She was just..


#StoryTime: A Game for Men!

In a room where all the men in my life were screaming, cussing and teasing through their headsets, he was someone I had looked at more than a thousand times over. It was just another summer’s eve where they stayed up past midnight to conquer a war that has been set again and again. I watched as the fight become more and more intense, clicks echoed in every corner of the room despite their rampant screams.

“ASSIST, ASSIST, ASSIST!” he would scream at the top of his lungs as he fought for his life and his base, calling out to his friend that was lagging behind. His sweat trickled down his nape as his enemy would slash at him with his comrade that shot to kill.

As the battle went on, his hero fought with might, killing more enemies with the power of his blade. Obtaining equipment that improves his strength, speed and agility, he was truly a force to be reckoned with. The screen would be covered with words like “BLOODBATH” or “DOUBLE KILL”. No wonder his team relied on him so much. He was smart and powerful, a great leader and teammate. He was able to predict the movements of his enemies and voice out his commands like an alpha.

“VICTORY” appeared on each of their screens. The battle was over and the war has been won. Their base flourished and plants grew beautifully around their base.

Everybody screamed with joy and excitement! I heard each of them praise their own skills and complained about each other’s mistakes during each battle. I rejoiced with them, an onlooker, a fan, a person on the sideline. He looked at me with a wide grin, and said “Next game, wanna play?”