About silly lil’ me? I simply love to travel 😀 It’s been a MAJOR dream of mine to travel and see what the world has to offer. I’ve been to a few places already but “a few” is just not enough. I make it a point to go somewhere new at least every year. It may not be out of the Country, but what’s important is that it’s new to me. I’m a 20+ year old kid. Cartoons still entertain me and I think Disney tales are the BOMB! :)) I love love love teddy bears, I don’t know what got me hooked on teddy bears in the first place cause I was a Barbie girl when I was young. I also love watching COMEDY — whether a movie, series or Youtube video! 😀 FASHION and MAKE-UP are my frustrations. No cash for shopping and OMG I can’t put on eye shadow to save a life! — so I surf around the web looking at pictures of them lucky ones who travel, does fashion and make-up 🙂 — it’s not stalking if it’s on the net 😛


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