How I kicked my smoking habit — Part 1

YAAAAAS! This is for real! I’ve been a smoker for some years now. If I had to count, I think it’s been 8 years already. The problem with me is that I easily get influenced to start again after a day or 2 of not smoking. Just start smoking in front of me and I’m hooked again.

I quit smoking, not because I was scared from all those “If you smoke, this will happen to you.” type of news/articles. But I did quit smoking because I had a rare opportunity to. It’s so silly if you think about it, but it did work for a hard headed person like me. I had 2 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed!


Now, you may ask, SO WHAT?? Well my friends, it’s simple. I had 2 open wounds in my mouth and if I smoked, both wounds might get infected! After the pain I suffered, I didn’t want to make things worse. Plus, the doctor’s instructions were 3-4 days of bed rest, ice pack for the swelling, meds for the pain, no sucking on a straw, no smoking, etc. And I was so paranoid, that I followed every instruction to the word.

Anyway, I’m out of topic. So that week, I got sick, felt weak, and got pissed out of my mind! This was probably due to the fact that I was stuck at home, bored and in pain (my right wisdom tooth had an infection and they had a difficult time removing it, so the pain lasted longer than it’s supposed to).

But despite everything, I was proud to say that for a week, I was able to NOT smoke! It made me think that there was a side of me that could kick the smoking habit, y’know? But alas, my 2nd week wasn’t so good cause I was feeling better and I attended a party. I started smoking again. I have to admit, it felt good! But there were consequences of course from starting again.

Stay tuned guys for part 2. This is where I actually commit to kicking the habit.



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