2015 Korea Trip – Part 1

This is such a late post! So I had the pleasure of returning to Korea last November 2015! It was definitely better than the last. Yes, this was my second time visiting Korea. Thankfully, I had amazing company.  My mom and friend were both cool with the plans, some didn’t go quite smoothly but what does really? No matter how much you plan your vacay, there’ll always be one or two things that would go wrong.

First on our list for day 1 was to visit the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. We had a solid 2 hours going around, taking pictures and playing around.

IMG_4026 IMG_4027

IMG_4041 IMG_4050

IMG_4083 IMG_4092 IMG_4105

After, we had lunch at Myeongdong where we tried their street food. YAAAAAS! Their street food tastes awesome! My mom went nuts for them. She kept buying whatever street food that looks good! We did a little bit of shopping as well. If you’re the type that love Korean skin care, it was like Christmas cause most of the Korean brands were on sale when we were there. I’m not one to binge shop skin care products but believe me, I wanted to.

IMG_4107 IMG_4108

IMG_4109 IMG_4116

While we were there, we also met up with my bestfriend’s mom and her friend. We hung out until such time that they had to leave. Then we went around some more. It’s like in every street you’ll see skin care and makeup brands! But we just went to one side of Myeongdong. There are other streets that you can visit where they sell clothes and music. We just stayed in one place cause it was near the Nanta theater cause we had tickets to see the 7PM show.


Notice the the caps lock, bold, and underlined phrase. Haha! It’s one of the funniest comedy show, I’ve ever seen. You don’t have to understand Korean to see this show. It’s a playful mix of cooking (duh!), comedy, romance and audience participation. I absolutely love it!

IMG_4124  IMG_4127


So this is just part 1 of our 2015 Korea trip! Stay tuned for part 2!



2 thoughts on “2015 Korea Trip – Part 1

  1. Moritz says:

    Looks like a lot of fun and amazing food! Can’t wait to read more about your travel experiences in Korea. Definitely a country I need to visit and review for my blog 🙂

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