#StoryTime : The Bipolar

She was beautiful, not a single mark on her face. Complexion that’s envied by her friends and family. She never wore make-up and never really needed it. Her hair was always tied up or done with a messy bun. She grew up as an only child and loved it!

Her friends were in awe as she went through school without any problems. Writing – no problem, presenting – easy peasy, her English was perfect and her grades were the best. As she graduated, she moved on to different companies, doing her best to please her boss and exceed expectations. She was loved and appreciated wherever she went. Friends were not a problem. She had 3 of the best people caring for her.

But there was another side of her where only a few people get to see. She thought about death at times and plotted every single step, she stayed in bed all day cause she couldn’t get up, she transferred jobs from one career path to another, she was scary if she concluded that she didn’t like you and don’t get me started on ‘that’ time of the month. She was just..



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