#StoryTime: A Game for Men!

In a room where all the men in my life were screaming, cussing and teasing through their headsets, he was someone I had looked at more than a thousand times over. It was just another summer’s eve where they stayed up past midnight to conquer a war that has been set again and again. I watched as the fight become more and more intense, clicks echoed in every corner of the room despite their rampant screams.

“ASSIST, ASSIST, ASSIST!” he would scream at the top of his lungs as he fought for his life and his base, calling out to his friend that was lagging behind. His sweat trickled down his nape as his enemy would slash at him with his comrade that shot to kill.

As the battle went on, his hero fought with might, killing more enemies with the power of his blade. Obtaining equipment that improves his strength, speed and agility, he was truly a force to be reckoned with. The screen would be covered with words like “BLOODBATH” or “DOUBLE KILL”. No wonder his team relied on him so much. He was smart and powerful, a great leader and teammate. He was able to predict the movements of his enemies and voice out his commands like an alpha.

“VICTORY” appeared on each of their screens. The battle was over and the war has been won. Their base flourished and plants grew beautifully around their base.

Everybody screamed with joy and excitement! I heard each of them praise their own skills and complained about each other’s mistakes during each battle. I rejoiced with them, an onlooker, a fan, a person on the sideline. He looked at me with a wide grin, and said “Next game, wanna play?”



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