5 days in! USANA’S 15-DAY RESET!

So, I completely spaced out and forgot to update!!!

After 5 days of skipping on junk food and soft drinks, I managed to lose 1 pound in 5 days! I have to admit though, I feel like I could have lost more if I didn’t cheat on my 3rd and 4th day. We celebrated the birthday of my beautiful mom who is now 56 years old but looks like she’s 40! Also, I had dinner with my boyfriend but at least we ate somewhere healthy. Detoxify Bar in Eastwood City. They serve deliciously healthy food and juices (if you decide to start juicing). It was a bit pricey but you know, cheap and healthy just don’t mix well together.

I also had coffee from Starbucks which is basically a work hazard. And we all know that Starbucks coffee can pack some serious calories in a cup. 

Because of recent events, I’ve decided to extend my diet to 20 days. Just so I have some days where I can cheat a bit especially since we have more celebrations coming up like my dad’s birthday and the welcome home dinner we will be having for my brother. 

I guess it’s literally the worst time for me to start this kind of diet. Oh well! Let’s see on how I fair in the next few days. Hopefully I lose more since November is right around the corner!



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