iPhone 6s Announced!


Great news Apple lovers! Apple has officially introduced the iPhone 6s!

Usually, I don’t get too excited with Apple releases especially when they have this reputation of enhancing only bits of features in the new ones but everything is relatively the same. But golly gee! They might have out done themselves this time. 😀

What can you expect?

Exterior design looks pretty much the same with its predecessor BUT it comes with a new color which is ROSE GOLD. How adorable is that?

You also have the 2 sizes to choose from: iPhone 6s – 4.7 inches and iPhone 6s+ – 5.5 inches

It has an aerospace-grade aluminum aloy which is supposed to make it sturdy to avoid the whole bending problem its predecessor has.

And now, the UPGRADES! 😀

Next generation multi-touch screen — basically senses the pressure of your touch. They added a new feature which is the Peek and Pop. You can peek at emails, photos, locations, etc. when you lightly press the screen, then deepen your touch when you wanna pop it open 🙂 They also installed a taptic engine which is triggered when you deeply press the display. I know.. That’s it? I was hoping for it to trigger when I type on my phone. I always loved that about Samsung phones.

Cameras — iSight (back camera) can take 12MP photos while the FaceTime HD Camera (front) takes 5MP photos. A HUGE improvement if you ask me. They’ve been buzzing about the “emergency selfie” but I think they just worded it wrong? Cause it sounds silly. It’s quite handy especially if you frequent events with friends.

Techy techy — The new iPhone 6s is powered by a custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip! It can already replace your desktops!

Improved security — you can now create 6-digit pass codes and has a two-factor authentication process!

Here’s the funny part. Apple is encouraging Android users to make the switch to iOS with the Android Migration. All they have to do is download the “Move to iOS” app and it will transfer your files from your Android phone to your iOS phone! Smart! 🙂

Then there is the iOS 9! There are a lot of improvements here, especially for the iPads. It’ll be released on Sept. 16, 2015. So wait for it 🙂

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with what Apple has done. Of course the list I have is not the FULL list of upgrades. Just the ones that caught my attention. 🙂 There are more upgrades in both the phone itself and the soon to be released iOS 9! I think I will consider upgrading to this and getting the Rose Gold ❤ It really looks gorgeous or I’m just biased since I’m a long time Apple user.

Well, hope you like the quick overview of the new iPhone 6s!

If you want more information, you can click here.



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