Alphabear App

FINALLY! I’ve found a gaming app that interests me again. 🙂
I’m really in love with word games and Alphabear gives me a mix of word play and cuteness!

Here’s how it works, you basically just form words out of letters the app provides, the longer the word,  the higher the score you get! Simple right?

cattiedemand4_alphabear        cattiedemand3_alphabear


Here’s the thing though, you’re given different bears after every challenge (w/c you can repeat depending if you have any honey left). These bears provide special help like adding 100 points to every 4 letter word you create (I believe this is the foreman bear). They also have levels which increases the stats of each bear. They level up when you repeatedly get the same bear. 🙂


So before every game, you get to pick 3 bears to help you increase your score. BUT you have to make sure that they are awake to help you out. Each bear has a buffer time ranging from 3-12 hours. You can wake them up but you’ll have to pay coins which for me would be better saved for any treasure events or boss events.



cattiedemand1_alphabear        cattiedemand2_alphabear


What else.. Oh! You have of course the settings and collection of bears! ❤
For your settings, you have the usual game center (for apple users) awards, leaderboard, sounds, notifications, FAQs, news, newsletter and credits. I think everything is self explanatory. 🙂


And of course, your bear collection! Basically, it just shows you the collection of bears that you already have and don’t have. As you can see, I’ve almost completed the bears for chapter 2. 🙂


cattiedemand8_alphabear        cattiedemand7_alphabear


I think that the only negative thing here about the game is that you have your honey to consider. Your honey is like your lifeline. You can’t play without reaching the a certain amount of honey per game. It’s usually 70 honey (untimed) and 50 honey (timed).


When you run out of honey, you have 3 options:
1. Watch an ad for 50 honey (limited per day)
2. Buy unlimited honey for US $4.99
3. Pay 100 coins for 120 honey




It’s up to you I guess, if you think that you have the time to be playing all-day or all-night then maybe the best option for you is to just purchase the unlimited honey. 🙂


Well, there you have it!
If you wanna try it out yourself, it’s available on iOS and Android. 🙂



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