Impacted Wisdom Tooth

What a sad week it has been for me.

My wisdom tooth on my lower right is empacted! I’ve been feeling so much pain and can’t even eat right anymore. The pain comes and goes during the day but I dread those nights where it just won’t let me sleep! There was one night I literally kept waking up to the pain of it just coming out and moving the teeth next to it. I tried my go-to pain killer which is Mefenamic (500mg), the effect was so slow and didn’t really work for the pain. It lessened, yes but it was still there. 😦 So I switched to something stronger and new (cause I may be immune to the effects of Mefenamic since I drink it when I have my lady pains every month) which is Tylenol. Thank God for this magical pain killer. It literally removed the pain in around 6-10 minutes in!

My dentist says that I need to have it removed but I think that I’ll get a second opinion since having it removed spells SURGERY which I’m trying to avoid cause let’s face it, it’s not cheap. Even by Philippine standards, a trip to the doctor can burn a huge whole in your pocket. Unless you’re a millionaire or something.

What I’m thinking is, I can just suck it up and let my teeth move since I have an empty slot on my left side, they can just fill it out. BUT AGAIN, I’m not an Orthodontist, I just feel like it can be an option for me since the whole point of removing impacted wisdom teeth would be so your teeth won’t be crooked, right? I don’t know. I’ll take anything other than surgery.

Oh well! We’ll just see what the next Orthodontist will say. LOL! Just sharing my awful wisdom tooth experience.

Oh! Just a special thanks to my understanding and caring boyfriend cause we just stayed in and he had to take in my complaints and massage my cheeks during our monthsary!

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