“Age of the Geeks, Baby!”

Yes, that line was quoted from the Hardison (the Hacker), one of my favorite characters in the series Leverage ❤ He became more interesting since he and Parker (the thief) was partnered up! I absolutely love their chemistry! Unfortunately, it already ended but I’m pretty satisfied with the ending. They ended their series in such a cool way 😀

Anyway, enough with the fan talk about the series. Let’s get down and serious about what I wanna talk about, COMPUTERS. Everybody these days has one and has it has its own purpose for everybody. Let’s face it, we’ve become lazy. Computers does the dirty work for us! So, I’m about to finish this class on Computer Information Processing. By the name itself, you easily can tell, it’s all about computers and their components, functions, etc.

It’s actually interesting since we tackled the history of computers and how each type of computer can support different types of functions. Oh! Plus the different types of users, like home users, small-large business users, Power users, etc.

The difficult part was learning the System Unit and its components. I’m not really a fan of memorization. So it was difficult for me to learn the terms and functions without seeing the actual unit. Sure, it can be described, but its really different when you see the actual thing. Like reading a book, you can only imagine the look, places, facial expressions but when you see the movie, you’ll think “Oh, that’s what it looks like!” — Haha!

The funmy part was learning what input and output devices are! These are the types of things that are right there in your face but you don’t know what it’s called. 🙂 Like I use a mouse almost everyday of my life and I know it’s function and uses in a computer but I would never have thought that it was categorized as an input device and the output would be the monitor. (This is speaking from a non-IT type of set up) This is why I love exploring and learning new things! Some information would make you go “Oooh!” 😀

We also tackled the different types of operating systems. This one was actually easy since I’ve used them and know their advantages over one another and disadvantages. Like when you compare Windows and Mac. 2 completely different operating systems but of course, I’m a bit biased since I’m a Mac user. My laptop, tablet and phone are all Apple products. Hehe 🙂 But I’ve used Windows as well when I couldn’t afford to buy my own stuff, my parents would always buy the more “practical” product. In terms of mobile phones, I’ve explored numerous types of OS in mobiles phones like Nokia, Android, Sony, (each having their own OS) then I was able to buy my own so I got my iPhone (then it got lost and it broke my heart and pockets since I got another one).

Anyway, I think that the I.T. industry will have a never ending history. The latest technology now maybe phased out by next year or the year after that since we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our way of living through technology (although some Countries are more advanced than ours already – I’m talking about you Japan and Korea!) 😀 But I’m sure that the Philippines will be able to catch up one way or another. I can’t wait to have flying cars (No traffic! Woohoo!) and robots that’ll follow my every command. I just hope that I’d still be alive by that time! 🙂

Til’ next time! It’s been a pleasure. 🙂



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