Finding your inner peace

Okay, so everyone has those days where you just want to rage out and go on a whole day bitch fit. Not everyone has the pleasure of doing so.. Right?

Anyway, I found some tricks that can help calm down your nerves. It works for me so AT LEAST one of my suggestions should work on you as well, cause everyone is different and everyone has their own way of “coping”. 🙂


You know. BREATHE in the air that God has so generously supplied us with. You know how some people would sigh? They’re not just disappointed they’re trying their best to calm down. That’s my number 1 suggestion to you. Breathe! The more fresh the air is, the better!


That’s right! I said it! A sport will help you release your pent-up anger! For me, boxing does the trick. Pissed at someone? Go get yourself a pair of gloves, a punching bag and start punching the hell out of it. But make sure you’re doing it right. You don’t wanna end up hurting yourself. A cheaper alternative is running should do the trick as well.


I love love love watching my comedy series! It’s not there to only calm me down but it changes my mood completely. You can’t deny a good comedy series a laugh from the bottom of your heart. 🙂 That’s why I have a whole bunch in my external hard drive. If you want something different, there’s a whole world of comedy in YouTube. You just gotta search for the right Youtuber that’ll fit your taste.


Aha! Lately, this hasn’t been an option for me since I’m pretty much busy for around 2 more years. So whenever I get the chance, all I wanna do is sleep. For me, this can calm your nerves since with enough of it, you’ll feel refreshed and yes, the problem is still there when you wake up, but at least your mood would have improved already and you can think of a solution logically without the wild emotions surging through your body and taking over your decisions.

Well, these are the most effective ways for me to calm down. Hope this helps you at least a little bit 🙂 You can always think happy thoughts but of course, in a state of anger and rage, you can’t really bank on seeing the good side of things.


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