The Martins

My Family 🙂

The best and the worst people (at times) I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with since birth.

As you can see, I’m the only girl and the youngest so you can only image how life growing up was for me. Always restricted, always afraid of the MAN, always over protected, etc..

BUT, having these people around kept me safe, loved, and spoiled 🙂 They can sometimes overdo almost everything like they really go nuts when I wear shorts out before. Their line was always “GO CHANGE NOW!” and I’m like *roll eyes and walk away* *mumble mumble* – very high school even though these incidents happen during my college years.


My 2 older brothers are the BEST! They taught me so many things but more like how to be a dude AND they always gave me advice on love, life, and never studies 😛 I remember our eldest (left side) saying “When you meet someone at a bar, you leave him at the bar.” – meaning never bring a dude from a bar home. That saying was from experience (I think..) Then the second would say so many things (sometimes he just rambles about whatever) so I lose track. :)) But I think the most memorable line I’ve heard from him was “Always put yourself in his shoes.” – I think everyone knows the meaning of this line but it was a nice reminder at that time.

Well.. that’s it. I’m just feeling sentimental since it’s a holiday and everyone is gone for different reasons and I’m stuck here at the home.. blogging 🙂



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