Post Hell Week Routine

I’ve had one of the worst hell weeks of this year (2014) >.<

Stress from work and pressure from school (Prelims), I’ve had so little time for myself and for other people. I only had 2 moods, Stressed and angry. Yes, I was angry at the fact that some of my plans fell apart because of the universe picking on my schedule. But hey, what am I gonna do? I wanted this in the first place. I wanted to study and work at the same time. For the stressed part — well, we all have those days. 🙂

But now, my hell week is over! Woohoo! Mission accomplished! I feel really good cause I survived! I haven’t written in a while and it’s been bugging me, so I decided to write about my post hell week routine.


Since we had a whole day event last Sunday, we had 2 days off from work. So I slept til the afternoon. I didn’t even bother with breakfast or lunch. I ate when I had the energy to stand up. 🙂


My feel good comedy series is either “2 Broke Girls” or “Community” cause no matter how many times I watch it, I still end up laughing my ass off and feeling relaxed as ever. NEVER watch anything serious when you wanna just relax and cool down.

Oh! I also watched tons of Youtube videos. Well, more like covers and Shane Dawson ❤


Ahhhhh! Yes, a massage from my ‘masahista’ would’ve been perfect! But I got the monthly flow so.. that didn’t happen. But for sharing’s sake — this is one of my usual routines. I usually get a massage after a stressful event or when I feel like it. haha! I’d recommend “Blue Water Day Spa” – they have awesome customer service. A bit pricey but it’s worth it 😀


Since I didn’t really have the time to enjoy my meals what with studying during my breaks and all, I’d always visit my favorite restaurants and savor the meals cause I know that I rarely get to do that. OR when I feel lazy, I’ll have mcdo delivered 😀 Same thing, I like the burger and fries :> Fattening yes, but who cares? I’m on a vacation type of mood 😛


Okay, so I wasn’t able to do this cause of my laziness overpowering me. I USUALLY go out and have some senseless fun with my friends. But family is a good option as well. I haven’t seen my mom in a while. 🙂


I played Pokemon. Don’t judge! It makes me feel like a kid again getting so nervous when my Lucario is about to die then celebrating when I defeat a gym leader. Like “IN YOUR FACE! NEXT TIME, DON’T BE TOO COCKY!” 🙂

Well, those are my 6 post hell week routines. Even though I wasn’t able to complete this list, I still have the weekend coming 😀 Yey! And I really missed waking up from a coma type of sleep and feeling so relaxed and lazy :))



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