Mobile Dependency — Realizations of a Millennial

So a few days ago, I lost my iPhone 5s or someone stole it. I don’t really know.

So iPhone users, I suggest you use the “Find my iPhone” App so if something like this happens, you’ll know where your phone is whether it’s opened or closed. I couldn’t use it cause I’m hard headed and never thought that I would lose my phone. So I didn’t bother downloading it. For my laptop, it’s already set up 😀 — It’s cool actually, it won’t pin point exactly where your phone may be, but you’ll be able to get a location like City and street. AND you could lock, erase and do other stuff 😀

Click here to learn more about the “Find my iPhone” App 🙂

My problem is I left it in my room. Sooooooooo, either my room is 1 huge jungle or someone stole it. Anyway, one thing I realized was I depended on my phone waaaaaay too much. I realized some mannerisms for the few days that I didn’t have a phone.

1. Something to hold — I was always looking for something to clutch with my right hand especially during the ride home from the office. Then I would rummage through my messy bag to look for my cell and realize that I don’t have it anymore. I’m quite surprised that I would even lose it in the first place. Oh well..

2. Contact — well, I don’t really have a lot of texts coming in during the day. But my phone is my relationship lifeline. Since my boyfriend is in Japan right now and will be coming home in a month or so, we usually talk online like through skype – when he’s at the office or viber – when he’s at home. I know I have my laptop but I can’t bring it around like a cellphone. So we barely talked for the past days and his phone got wet from the rain so he won’t be able to contact me when he’s at home. His phone broke down. Haha! — what a lucky couple we are, right?

Plus, I have all my contacts in my phone! Cause I’m such a genius, I don’t do backups — lesson learned!

3. Work — I didn’t realize this before but I use my phone for work! I handle one of the social media accounts for the company I work for and I use my phone instead of using the one they provided. (luckily, I always sign out after posting — I might post my own stuff). Plus, I have my personal emails linked!

4. Mobile Banking — YES! I do my banking on my phone! Thank God, the BDO app that I have signs out automatically when I close it. I also pay my bills on my phone!

5. MUSIC — one of the reasons why I was so mad when my phone got stolen/lost was for the music. I have tons of playlists on my phone and I go to a happy place when I listen to my music — especially when I wait for someone. I’m also subscribed to some awesome podcasts — mostly comedy like SHANE AND FRIENDS ❤ Yeah, I’m a Shane Dawson fan 🙂 — I think less and laugh more when I listen to him rant, rave, and joke around.

6. Social Media — It’s obvious.. I have all my social media accounts on my phone. I also sometimes post on my WordPress app! It kills time when I’m waiting for someone or something. 🙂

I think that’s about it. For now, I have a Blackberry as a replacement. It’s great cause I get a vacay from touch screens. I looked around Greenhills and GEEZ! Where’re the crappy phones at? I saw mostly iPhones and Samsung — OH! and clones 🙂 My officemate, Iana (HOLA! Thanks for coming with me <3) and I had fun going around cause I wanted phones that were already phased out. So the faces of the vendors when I asked whether they had a Motorola Flip out or Samsung Sidekick 4g was PRICELESS! Some weren’t even familiar with the models 🙂 I had a cheap budget so I went for the sturdy Blackberry 🙂



One thought on “Mobile Dependency — Realizations of a Millennial

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    What a pity you lost your phone. Oh dear. At least now you have another one. Hahaha, I can just imagine the sellers faces when you wanted phones that were phased out. A few months ago I wanted to buy the Samsung S4 mini but a lot of the stores I went to in Melbourne didn’t have it. And it just came out a year ago. Finally, I found a shop that had one of S4 mini left…just one. And I bought it 😀

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