MARVEL App Review

FINALLY! 😀 Marvel Comics‘ keeping up with innovation!

An app that sells Marvel Comics and also gives FREE comic books as well! ❤ I was so excited when I saw this. I’m a huge fan of Marvel Comics and honestly, I wanted to collect them but prices right now in bookstores are such a rip off! Hopefully I could get my boyfriend to get me some Iron Man comics from Japan. I’m not sure though if it would be cheap there but I’m pretty sure it would be cheaper than getting it here.




So I went a little crazy in downloading free comics and YES! I have my 3 fave heroes — THOR, IRON MAN AND THE HULK ❤ Thank God they were all for free 😀


Oh! Unfortunately, some comics have to be purchased. They get you hooked on the free comics and leave you wanting more! I just had to buy ❤


You can also search for your favorite comics! If you can’t find it in the featured tab, you can browse their store via Series, Creator, Story Arcs, aaaaaand of course find more free comics! 🙂


When you read and get cut off for some reason, you don’t have to go through the comics from the beginning, you can easily skip the pages you’ve already read! GENIUS! 🙂



Here’s a sample page from THOR ❤ Woohoo!

It’s like reading a manga but more awesome! Sorry manga lovers, I love reading mangas as much as the next person but you can’t beat the classics.

I give it a 5/5 😀



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