FLINK app review

So, I was browsing through the app store to find something new to download and kill time aaaaaand I saw FLINK!

Although I’m not some fashionista, I like looking at pretty clothes and just wish I could afford all of them. HAHA! Anyway, Flink is a social media app made for fashion bloggers but not limited to them 🙂

The design is simple and elegant plus it’s easy to navigate! To browse through different looks, you can just slide your finger up or down! Then if you want to see different angles of a certain look you just slide your finger left or right 😀



This is the home page of the app, you have to go through registration but it’s pretty simple to do. So it’s obvious that on the lower right side, you have the shopping BAG (don’t really know the official name for this feature) which specifies what brands were used in the look, then you have the COMMENT section and the LIKE button – very self explanatory, lastly you have the SHARE button which you could share the photo via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and you can send to a friend.

On the lower left side, you have the name of the look, the name of the user, and when the photo was posted.

If you tap on the diamond in the upper left side, you’ll see this..




You have 4 buttons. Explore, Friends, Activities, and Profile.

EXPLORE is where you can find more looks or users you’re not following. You can also search for blogs, brands and hashtags. They also provide categories that would make you want to check it out since they’re pretty different from the usual categories you see on fashion themed apps.

FRIENDS is the place where you see the list of people you’ve connected with. ACTIVITIES is where you find your recent activities in the app. PROFILE is where you can see your favorite looks, number of followers and the number of people you follow and of course, the usual profile picture, username and settings.

Essentially, this app is awesome for fashion lovers or enthusiasts. It’s really useful when you want to keep up to date with different fashion trends. You can also explore different brands and I think the best social media platform for fashion bloggers. It also kills time and doesn’t burn any money since it’s free. Unfortunately, it’s limited to Apple users.

I’d say it’s a 4 out of 5. If it were available for Android users, it’ll be able to get more bloggers and more looks. Also, it would’ve been awesome if other users aside from fashion bloggers could share their looks as well cause as of now, you can’t upload your own looks.

To download the app, click here.



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