Trust is a HUGE deal!

In any kind of relationship, there needs to be TRUST. Be it in business, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, friendship, etc.

For me, it’s kind of hard to give it to just anyone especially when there are so many people who could screw you over in a snap! Excuse the term but there’s no other way to describe it. Heck, your own blood can screw you over and they wouldn’t care about your feelings and I know people who’ve experienced heart break cause of it.

That’s why my walls are high enough too reach the clouds cause you can’t trust no one these days. You have to jump through hurdles and rings of fire to gain my trust and once it’s broken, you’ll have to go through hell to get it back.

There are moments though that my #trustissues get in the way of my happiness. Like a perfectly fine guys come my way and I think “This guy is too good to be true” then I bolt. There are instances as well where I doubt my friends when it comes to their integrity and I start to over think. Situations like these can literally make or break a relationship and it mostly breaks. It’s sad but true. 

Always trust your gut.

Never doubt your own instincts cause you’ll end up hurt or even worse, screwed.

Yes, you can have a little faith in people but when push comes to shove, people can easily run for the hills and never look back and leave you hanging onto some delusion that they’ll come through for you.

Very skeptical thinking, I know! I’ve been told that many times but that’s how life works. Life isn’t fair. It won’t stop just cause you’ve been hurt, it won’t stop time to give you a breather. Life will go on with or without you even if you can’t cope.

A little advice people, trust can be given but make the people who want it work hard for it. Cause if it easily comes, it won’t be worth keeping to some people. 


One thought on “#trustissues

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I completely agree with your post and it is so well written! The best person to trust is ourselves, and make sure to always look out for your own self. Sure, you might think the people close to you have got your back and will always be there for you…but you never know. Better to be safe than sorry 🙂 It takes me a long time to warm to new people. Rarely do I share about myself until after a few week’s we’ve met. Yes, like you, it’s hard for people to gain my trust 🙂

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