Let it rain!

Oh I love the rain ❤

Hearing it tap, tap, tapping on our roof calms me down. It goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee too!

Yesterday morning, it rained hard. The wind was blowing and I could feel the breeze with a little sprinkle of rain hit me and it was awesome! I was never meant to survive in hot places. Yes, I know I live in the Philippines and it’s hot and humid MOST of the time, but when rainy season comes, it really relaxes me and keeps our electrical bill to a minimum. 🙂

We had our fair share of destruction from mother nature but on regular days when the rain pours, it’s so calming for me. EXCEPT when I’m on the road. Hit me with rain while I walk, it’s fine. Just don’t let me go through hours and hours of traffic. Haha! Cause when it rains, everywhere becomes traffic. EVERYWHERE!

I have no idea why. They say people bring out their cars so they won’t get wet but if you think about it, why bring out your car only when it rains? 

I think that’s the only down side of rain. It becomes traffic everywhere and becomes impossible for you to get to your destination on time or in the right state of mind. 

When I was younger, I used to think it only rained when I’m sad. Have you ever thought that? Whenever I felt down, I thought that God was crying with me or something. It was an awesome thought but I grew up and you know. Reality hit me hard. Typhoons hit us hard. But I know God was always there, or else I would’ve already died during Typhoon Ondoy.

Okay, I went off track a bit.. I LOVE THE RAIN! Woohoo!


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