Make it Beautiful Again

Make it Beautiful Again

Since Valentines day was 5 days ago, the flowers that I got started to die. It was attracting so much ants and they even ventured to my bed that I had to take it out of my room. 😦

When I told my mom, she advised me to throw it away already (Kalat daw kasi) but I just thought that it was such a waste for something special to me to just be thrown away. So I made it into something I could admire on a shelf 🙂 I got the box of the perfume my boyfriend got for me, took out all of its contents except for the paper and cut-off the roses to make it into a design 🙂 Now even if it rots, it’ll still look pretty to me 🙂

I guess I’m a hoarder of things with sentimental value 🙂 Sadly some of it just becomes trash that I never want to throw away thus becoming the “KALAT” my mom was talking about. Haha!


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