My First BDJ Event

The BDJ Rendezvous: Start Smart with BDJ was an event to help Bellas live through 2014 without any regrets 😀 We got speakers who are experts in the field of Finance, Fashion, Fitness and decision making. I led the operation and believe me it was no walk in the park! Of course, being a first timer, there were so many things that I missed but I was really lucky to have the support of my team mates who were dead on serious in helping me out 😀
For me, the event was quite a success 🙂 Even though there were some Bellas who registered but didn’t come, those who did had a blast! I saw their faces and how close they were with one another even though they only met each other on the event itself. I love how the Bellas were so open to making new friends and it was clear to me that the Bellas are really a community 😀 A community of young achievers who strive hard to reach their goals. 🙂
During the event, I saw a lot of girls taking photos of the presentation of the speakers, taking down important notes, and listening tentatively to the advice of each speaker. It was like a classroom set-up but of course it wasn’t boring since the speakers made it easy for the girls to listen plus the games and raffles in between talks. I’m proud to say that I’ve made friends during the event 🙂 It really is a treat to be part of the BDJ Community 🙂

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