The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Review)


I just finished a series called “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. It was aired in the 90’s when I was born 🙂 I was too young to watch it before so when my friend Mara downloaded it, I was sort of excited 😀 Of course the main star is the one and only “WILL SMITH” who was around 15 yrs old at that time.

Now, for a series’ the pilot episode is the most important part of the series. It’s like the “first impression” of a series to its audience. So if it sucks, well.. You can expect to shoot up to 2 seasons. :l 
For the pilot episode, it was automatically so funny! Will was wearing the craziest outfit with his awkward structured body (at that time) and the oldest linggos obviously from the early 90s. Don’t even get me started on his dance moves!! It was sheer 90s comedy and I think all of you would appreciate the innocence of the series. They were really conservative regarding sex, drugs, and whatever. There are parts yes that sheds light into these topics but there is a level to where they draw the line for their viewers. 
I really enjoyed watching this series even though it’s not in HD. Hahaha! I enjoyed the comedy and the lessons they tried to impart on their viewers about family, relationships, honesty and other stuff. You can never get bored of watching this series. I love the characters and how they grew up and matured over the seasons 🙂 It’s a must-watch for me 🙂

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