Can stress kill you?


I recently watched this video by AsapSCIENCE about stress. I’ll post the link below 🙂 — you should really check them out. They have a lot of fun and informative videos.

Anyway, it actually can! In Japan, they have a term for “Death from overwork” it’s called “KARŌSHI” — You can expect the Japanese of all people to have that term since from what I’ve heard, they’re one of the most hard working type of people.

My boyfriend works for a Japanese owned company and believe me, they’re no joke. They’re required to work a certain amount of hours per month but ALL of them work more hours than the required hours. Can you imagine going home at 9, 10, or even 11pm everyday of the week? I sort of feel bad for them since we usually work overtime for around an hour or two but that’s it. We love our rest and our peace and quiet 🙂

Anyway, back to my point. I don’t want to discuss the biological perspective of the topic but basically, stress affects our memory and our learning process which in many cases for high school and college students cramming for a test is a huge PROBLEM. Well even for professionals, it’s not really a good idea to cram, especially when you have an important meeting or presentation. You’ll just forget a huge chunk of it when you’re actually there.

I have good news though, there is something that can be done to counter or at least lower your stress levels. It’s a hormone called “OXYTOCIN” a.k.a the “CUDDLE HORMONE” stated from the video, oxytocin helps you relax and regenerates your heart from stress related damage.

How is this AMAZING hormone released? It’s when you hang out with your loved ones and care for others that helps lower your stress levels. You know that phrase “No man is an island”? We are social beings that can’t live without other people.

So when life gets the best of you, turn to your loved ones and seek the comfort that you need and laugh your hardest even in times of stress cause you’ll definitely live longer and happier 🙂

To watch the video click here.

I don’t own or take any credit for the video and the information shown above I got it from there 🙂

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