Date Gone Wrong!


I know the title is a bit off but yeah.. People are dangerous. So when a person is already screaming at you, just walk away and be alert. Why am I writing about this? There’s this one incident that recently happened that just put me into a helpless state.


My boyfriend and I went on our usual Saturday dates. He came to pick me up late (around 8pm) and I had just woken up from my long and wonderful sleep. I was still a bit woozy on the way to where we decided to go. (Won’t be mentioning any places cause I don’t wanna ruin its rep — HAHA!) Anyway, when we arrived at the parking lot, there were tons of cars. Well, what can you expect? It’s a Saturday night and it’s the weekend after a payday so of course everyone’s gonna be out and spending some of their cash. 


We were going around looking for an available parking space when we saw a car that was just about to leave. So my boyfriend waited for the car to leave. When we finally got to park, a guy beeped at us and revved his car. We don’t know the Art of Car Talk so we were clueless as to what was happening. To our surprise, the car approached us (almost hit me too) and the guy opened his door and started screaming at my boyfriend. 


My head was up in the clouds that time since I just woke up. He was screaming at my boyfriend like we totalled his car or something. 


YOU GUYS WANNA KNOW WHY HE WAS SO ANGRY? We got the parking spot where he was going to park. (cry me a river)


The worst part is, he started cussing at him putting, I don’t know… Around 3 or 4 bad words in 1 sentence. I was still rebooting my system (head) so I couldn’t register what was happening. My nice and awkward boyfriend though was cool enough to offer the parking spot back since the guy claimed that it was rightfully his. (Yeah, right.) But the dude in the white Skyline was still screaming all sorts of nonsense and said “The damage is done” — I’m sorry, did we key your car? Break your windows? Punch you in the face? — NOPE!


The guy already had 1 foot out and I did what every “awesome” girlfriend did.. I grabbed my boyfriend by the hand and pulled him away while the guy was still screaming and cussing.


After that happened, I was so maaaaaad.. Then my boyfriend was trying to calm me down.. (He should be the one who’s mad since you know, the guy was basically screaming at him). I got a cup of coffee and finally was at the right state of mind, well sort of. I experienced this double vision thing when you get so mad that you’re seeing double, I had to stop for a sec to snap out of it. Can you imagine that? All for a parking spot. 


So we had our usual dinner and we played billiards for a bit and decided to watch movies at home. 


Here’s the solid scary part.. When we got to the car both tires at the front of my boyfriends car was flat! Completely flat. If that dude knew how to flatten a tire unprepared, imagine what he can do if he was. Luckily, the nice guards helped us out and the admin of the place we went to arranged for our tires to be aired and attached.


I can’t believe there are still people low enough to do such things but hey, we’re lucky it was just 2 flat tires. ALL OF THAT FOR A PARKING SPOT. The dude was on a date by the way. I saw his girlfriend in the passenger’s seat. Control your man please. Haha! 🙂


So yeah, we got home safe and sound. We watched some movies and ate some chips and that night turned out to be “something new” — my boyfriend’s words not mine. I wanted to check the cameras but the guard said that they only had cameras at the entrance and exit. It’s sad. Even if we found the guy, there wouldn’t be any proof that he did it. But let’s face the facts, it only took a piece of paper to flatten a tire. I forgot the explanation, but that’s what the guy did. He’s the guy who went hysterical over a parking spot and he was about to go down his car and start a fight. SO YEAH, IT’S HIM. Whoever HE is. 


I hate the feeling of being helpless. I couldn’t do anything for my boyfriend. Ugh! The one time I forget my taser, this happens. Yes, I own a taser 🙂 My dad gave it to me cause well.. He’s cool like that. My boyfriend wasn’t even mad. He was just sad. But he said that all he needed was a hug. (Awwwww) Cute 🙂


So there you go folks! Another tale of how crazy people exist in the world. You don’t need to watch the news to know the fact cause everyone meets someone crazy in their lifetime. 


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