Travel Bug


So my cousins from Las Vegas came to visit! They had a jam packed tour around the Philippines. Unfortunately, the young ones were sick of it and complaining about mostly wasting their vacation at the airport or in a car! Because it was so jam packed, they weren’t able to enjoy the places they visited. I’ve had my fair share of travelling and I just want to impart some knowledge especially to those who are first timers. 


First things first, RESEARCH! You can never get enough information about a country. Their religion, news, weather, etc.. You can ask a friend about their experiences and the places he/she went to. It’s always good to hear first hand experiences. With this, you know what to prepare for. Especially check out the weather in some places because it can get really cold and you don’t wanna be thinking “OMG I should have brought a thicker sweater.” — trust me, it ain’t a good feeling to be freezing and shivering from the cold.


Second would be to check out the places you want to visit when you’re in that certain country. Let’s face it, package tours are nice but they can be pricey as well and they don’t always bring you to the place you want to go. 


Third, always pack light. Make some room for shopping cause you know us Filipinos.. We always want to bring back a lil something for our loved ones left in the Philippines. I admit it, I love bringing back stuff since I’m an impulse shopper, especially when things are on sale. I just love it!


Fourth, map everything out! Remember when I mentioned that you might want to visit the places yourself? Well, if you decide to skip on the package tours, it would be best to research and map out the places you want to visit. It would be a huge waste of time if you’d be going back and forth and getting lost along the way.


Fifth, pack a lot of cash! You can never have too much. Since you have to worry about your food, accommodation, transportation, and of course some extra shopping money. It’s better to have some than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cash and no way to get back to your hotel. 


Lastly, ENJOY! 🙂

If you’re not a frequent flyer, it’d be such a waste if you don’t soak up as much as you can. Are you visiting for the beaches? Then go to every beach you could find (just make sure you have a lot of time).


Well… These are just some thoughts of mine. I’m not telling you to follow my every word. Also, it’s way better to experience everything yourself. 😀


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